Storium; Narrating

I’ve posted about Storium ( before, but for those of you who don’t know it, it is, in brief, an online platform to create stories with other users that resembles (to my knowledge) games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Without all the rolling of dice.

I’ve been ‘on’ Storium since 2014. I say ‘on’ because it’s been rather sporadic. Games have a tendency to stall and fall apart. Generally, the narrator is the one in the quicksand. After all, writing a story on your own is hard enough, and other people, while also bringing much enjoyment, can make things difficult. They have independent thought, for one.

It is hard to plan things, as you can never be quite sure what your players will have their characters do (unless you tell them outright, but where would be the fun in that?). And you cannot go back and change things, because people have already had their characters respond accordingly and the admin (even if everyone was willing) of going back and doing anything major would be a nightmare. So if the narrator gets stuck, the game goes under.

Thus no one in their right mind ever wants to narrate. Right?

Wrong. Narration, with all its pitfalls and glum chances, is quite something while it lasts. There is something strangely satisfying about setting up a world, letting other people loose in it, and trying to act as guide.

So, I’m back. After rather a long lull, I’ve refreshed my membership (you can play for free, but it limits the options you have when setting up a game to narrate, and you can only play characters in three other games at once).

The frenzy of submitting characters and putting up your own games has a certain giddy excitement. Hopefully this time it will have some stamina.

Storium; Narrating

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