Writing Every Day Made Easy; Storium!


Every writer is different. And yet, out of such a variety of styles, opinions and genres, one thing sticks; the more you do it, the better you get.

Practice practice practice. Ask anyone.

But writing, even for devoted, frankly obsessed, writers, can be a chore. It’s all well and good to hear ‘just sit down and do it’ over and over – it’s the only advice half of us can seem to acquire, hard as we try. Turning such advice into an ever increasing word count is no doubt something we writers struggle with.

If you’ve tried it all – prompts, crack-of-dawn scribbles, middle-of-night scribbles, exercise books – and you’re still left with a sterile, white page, please refrain from braking a window, for the answer may  have arrived.

Check out the new online writing game, Storium!

In this modern world of ours, with our computers, tablets, and iPhones, a new age of the written word is upon us. The writing community you can access has grown immeasurably. And with it, the possibilities of collaboration.

Sure, books have been co-authored before. But imagine a book written by ten people? Fifteen? What amazing things teamwork could achieve!

Okay, so at the moment Storium isn’t exactly about writing books. But it’s close enough. And once you’ve committed to a game, ‘just sit down and do it’ becomes a whole lot easier.

And in case we cross paths, I go by ShushanENA on Storium. 🙂

Writing Every Day Made Easy; Storium!

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